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Roller coaster ("Dead loop")


For many people there is only one reason to go to an amusement park which is a roller coaster. Some people call it a “Russian Coaster” for good reason.

It is a specially assembled railway system which is designed so that trolleys with passengers passing through it quickly changing the direction and speed of movement. Since the trolleys do not have an energy source acceleration is achieved by converting the potential energy of the moving trolleys into kinetic energy and vice versa.

“Mechanized ground slides with a Nesterov loop with track length up to 300 m” are intended for entertainment and are located in parks and other places of cultural recreation for the population in temperate and cold climates.


  •  supply voltage (380±10%)
  • minimum site size – 25х48 m
  • maximum height 14 m
  • track length 340 m
  • Nesterov loop
  • 18-20-seater train
  • productivity – up to 500 people/hour
  • simultaneous power consumption up to 40 kW/hour
  • maximum speed – up to 60 km/h
  • maximum overload – 5g



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