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installation of the Observation Towers with raising mast

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INVEST VISTA PROJECT: installation of the Panoramic View Towers

CURIOSITY is an instinctive desire of a creature to discover something new for itself which is unfounded by common sense.

INQUISITIVENESS is one’s desire to STUDY the world thereby accumulating knowledge about it. At the root of inquisitiveness is curiosity.

One wants to STUDY a tourist site by looking at it from above.

UNESCO strives to popularize and preserve the tourist site.

UNESCO prevents human’s desire and limits the possibilities of a tourist site popularization.

One is prepared to pay in order to realize his or her desire.

UNESCO prevents one from doing so and limits its own potential to preserve the tourist site.

Is it POSSIBLE to break this vicious “illogical chain”? YES!

«YES» this is exactly why the Invest Vista project was developed. The basis of the project is a Panoramic View Tower with a rising telescopic mast at the upper end of which there is a capsule with capacity for 130 visitors. The lifting height of the capsule is 70 meters. When the mast is lowered and its elements are installed below ground level then the height of the structure does not exceed 4 meters.

This technical solution makes it possible to install such products without violating UNESCO’s regulations and the immediate vicinity of a tourist site that has status of the Heritage of Humanity.

The option of matching the capsule to an architectural design of any historical era allows preservation of existing architectural ensembles without any noticeable modifications.

Panoramic View Tower is not an amusement ride but a product that people use to take a detailed as well as general look at a tourist site from a bird’s eye view. The logical result of the installation of the Panoramic View Tower within the framework of the 2024 project is a SYMBIOSIS of their operation with the main objectives of UNESCO.


The use of such products in the process of exploring a tourist site will certainly attract additional visitors to it especially from the youth environment. In the process of raising / lowering of the capsule the audio guide will tell the visitor basic information about the tourist site.

PRESERVATION of the Heritage of Humanity

The cost of a ticket to visit the Panoramic View Tower (in all cases of installation of the Tower) includes 1 euro investment to the conservation fund of a particular tourist site next to which it is installed and 1 euro to the UNESCO International Fund for the Preservation of the Heritage of Humanity.

The potential of each of the installed Towers is at least 1.5 million visitors per year.

From 2025 it is planned to install at least 5 such products annually.

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