"BALKAN IMEKS EOOD" — серийное производство, аттракционных, туристических и развлекательных комплексов

About Us

History of our company "BALKAN IMEKS EOOD"

The main activity is mass production of theme park rides, tourist and entertainment complexes.

“BALKAN IMEKS EOOD” is the successor of the Soviet-Bulgarian engineering company of full cycle. The company’s activities are focused on the design and serial production of equipment for tourism infrastructure and amusement parks both at its own production facilities and on an outsourcing basis.

Company’s structure

”ANALOG” plant

Machine-building plant “Analog” 82 Khmel’nyts’ke Hwy, Vinnytsia, Ukraine

20 000 sq. m of production space, more than 300 pieces of high-tech equipment, 170 of highly skilled employees (data for 2013). The major work team is a group of specialists formed under the leadership of engineer V. Arkhipov since 1987.

Scientific Production Association Plant “Analog” (SPA Plant “Analog”) is a union of scientific and technical potentials as well as two creative teams under the unified leadership of the head of these two enterprises V. Arkhipov in order to perform work on the design and production of machines and mechanisms between the Bulgarian sole partnership “BALKAN IMEKS EOOD” and the Ukrainian enterprise LLC “Sarmat”.

“BALKAN IMEKS EOOD” bought the Commonwealth single property complex the “Analog” Machine-Building Plant at a public auction from the state as part of privatization in the late 90s.

The manufacture of highly precise elements of technological equipment was launched at production facilities of the plant for leading European producers including INNA, CLASS, VOLKSWAGEN AG, etc.

More than 40 types of various theme rides and entertainment complexes have been developed and put into mass production. These include such particularly complex products as free-fall towers, roller coasters, giant chain carousels, Ferris wheels and observation towers. Since 1997, the plant has produced and supplied more than 700 attractions to 100 different regions of the planet.

The company’s products are installed in many places from Nakhodka (Russia) in the east to Chorzow (Poland) in the west, from Tyumen (Russia) in the north to Luanda (Angola) in the south. During all this time there has not been a single complaint regarding product quality.


«INVEST VISTA LIMITED», is the property of «BALKAN IMEKS EOOD» and was established by the Commonwealth in order to implement the “Invest Vista” Project.

“INVEST VISTA LIMITED”– we offer cooperation

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