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Panoramic View Tower (glazed) - PVT


The Panoramic View Tower (with a glazed torus) is designed to provide viewing of surrounding objects. The torus for visitors is installed on a mast consisting of 6 supports that are fastened together and installed on the foundation.

The torus of the PVT rotates around its axis moving vertically along the mast thereby giving each visitor the opportunity to examine the surrounding views. The torus is glazed with triplex glass. It includes seats for visitors, air conditioners and heaters.

The PVT operates all year round.


  • Supply voltage (380±10%)
  • Power consumption up to 25 kW
  • Number of seats – 33
  • Productivity – 250 people/hour
  • Maintenance staff – 2 people
  • Cycle duration – at least 10 minutes
  • Avg. ascent-descent speed 0,2-0,25 m/s
  • Area for installation, no more than 100 sq. m
  • Height – 50 m


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