• Batumi - panoramic night rides
  • 3 in 1 - Amusement complex "MAGNETIC XXL"
  • Amusement complex - "Giants Ferris Wheel"
  • Extreme rides - Roller coaster "Hoverla"
  • Batumi - Ferris Wheel with glass cabs of height 60 m
  • Drop Tower rides - based magnets and chain carousel

(3 in 1 Observation Tower, Drop Tower, Giant Chain Carousel)

Product description:

Ride "Magnetic XXL» is intended for use as a means of entertainment complex for adult visitors and children over 14 years. Located in parks and other places of cultural recreation in temperate and cold climates. A distinctive feature of the amusement complex, is a combination of two or three types of rides - with rotation, lift and free fall. The attraction can be used as a chained carousel, the tower view and free fall.

Plastic, lenticular, with a diameter construction of more than 15 meters, which is above passengers main central torus, allow them to be comfortable even when snow and rain.

    • Power supply voltage (380±10%)
    • Power consumption 90 kW
    • Productivity 400 customer/hour
    • Number of seats: drop - 18, chained carousel - 12 or 24, review - 30 or 42
    • The free fall of 30 m
    • The area under the occupancy of 200 m2 (a circle with a diameter of 16 m)
    • Installation - no foundation
    • Height 50 m



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