• Batumi - panoramic night rides
  • 3 in 1 - Amusement complex "MAGNETIC XXL"
  • Amusement complex - "Giants Ferris Wheel"
  • Extreme rides - Roller coaster "Hoverla"
  • Batumi - Ferris Wheel with glass cabs of height 60 m
  • Drop Tower rides - based magnets and chain carousel
Product description:

Attraction "VISTA" is a tower mounted on a platform, with a diameter of 28 meters. Around which the premises are located, "station", an area of 330 sq.m. These spaces can accommodate the exposure history of the city, book, flower, gift stalls, an art gallery, an exhibition of works by local folk artisans, etc. Inside this room is another area of 200 square meters, which has the ability to climb the tower along the height of 50-70 m. Going it rotates around the axis of the tower, thus making it possible for visitors to contemplate the emerging prospects. In this room also accommodates a cafe-bar, which will give the possibility to combine business with pleasure.

  • Power supply voltage (380±10%)
  • Power up to 50 kW
  • Number of seats – 60-132
  • Cycle riding - 15 minutes
  • Lifting-lowering 0,17 m/s
  • Area for location, no more than 530 m2
  • The height of 50 - 70m



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