( Free-fall tower) permanent magnets with chained carousel

Product description:

The new rides allows you to experience a free fall height stele consists of 32 m, which is strung torus with seats for passengers moving along stella up and down. Passengers in anti-transshipment chairs along the perimeter of the torus, rise with acceleration 1,3 g to a height of 25 m, then there is a free fall of the torus to a height of 15 m, and after braking phase (permanent magnets) overload to 1, 2 g torus comes with zero speed switch landing - landing passengers.

Advantages: - high throughput; - there are combination of several function in one attraction: – freefall and chained carousel (it helps to fuller coverage of all groups of potential visitors); - a small time of recovery of outlay and low cost of one sitting place.

    • Power supply voltage (380±10%)
    • Power consumption 30 kW
    • Number of seats: drop - 12, chained carousel - 24
    • Productivity 350 customer/hour
    • Rate of climb, no more 0,2 m/s
    • Cycle riding - 9 min
    • Free fall - 15 m
    • The area under the foundation: 64 m2
    • Overall dimensions: m, no more,
    • chained carousel area in terms of 200 m2 (circle of 16 m)
    • length 8,0; width of 8,0; height of 32,0