• Batumi - panoramic night rides
  • 3 in 1 - Amusement complex "MAGNETIC XXL"
  • Amusement complex - "Giants Ferris Wheel"
  • Extreme rides - Roller coaster "Hoverla"
  • Batumi - Ferris Wheel with glass cabs of height 60 m
  • Drop Tower rides - based magnets and chain carousel

Today, the plant switched from the production unit to the creation of entire amusement parks. The minimum number of attractions that come to the park - 5-7. Taking the basic rides and using modern computer software 3D - MAX, allowing to recreate any part of the future park in all its details, as well as a virtual walk through it, factory workers offer to potential customers and also technical and economic parameters for each such park.

Incidentally, the return on such theme parks - 3 years. But the creation of these parks would have been impossible without deep study of style and scenery attractions. The fact that the issuer of the plant until 2003 - a kind of skeleton that is necessary to "build up". In addition, a number of attractions created on site (they are "embedded" in the landscape of the park). Want to visit the submarine of Captain Nemo in a canoe or wade in the pirate cave? No problem. But to create a qualitatively novih rides nuzheyu special campaign.

That's why the work involved the whole cohort of different professionals: architects, painters, sculptors, technologists decorative production, costume and set designers with experience in theaters. Established a creative laboratory, designed for 1-2 years to create a range of different stylistic and decorative solutions for attractions and parks, open a new plant for the production of entertaining slot machines. Significantly expanded geography provided amusement.



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