• Batumi - panoramic night rides
  • 3 in 1 - Amusement complex "MAGNETIC XXL"
  • Amusement complex - "Giants Ferris Wheel"
  • Extreme rides - Roller coaster "Hoverla"
  • Batumi - Ferris Wheel with glass cabs of height 60 m
  • Drop Tower rides - based magnets and chain carousel

The frantic pace of life requires regular discharge. Modern urban people often do not feel the physical and moral fatigue due to stress and constant nervous tension. Everyone is struggling with stress differently. Someone is going to hunt, and some prefer tinkering with the aquarium. We propose to go to the park, where there are extreme rides. You can not only relieve stress, but also the supply of energy for a whole week.

Modern production has reached incredible rides development. Now the parks of culture can be found not only the usual and familiar from childhood Ferris wheel, but other unusual entertainment. We have compiled a chart of the most interesting extreme attractions:

Ferris wheel all remember and know worldwide, it is considered the best attraction for kids and adults. By the way, it's a big wheel has a height of 165m.

Roller coaster came to us from the United States. People who choose to ride on the roller coaster, are the true test of strength. The train rolling on the tracks at high speed passenger lifts to great heights and falling rapidly, and then the American people is a slide headfirst. In just a few minutes time to visitors to experience a lot of feelings.

Rides "Magnetic-XXL" appeared recently in the parks. In fact, it is the combination of several attractions in one - a chained carousel, climbing to a height rapid decline.

"Vista" amusement ride — another mall, taken recently adopted parks of culture and rest. It is a show, restaurant or concert hall, which is located inside the room, which can be moved up and down. Tower round view may have a height of 70 m

Do not forget that rides for non-compliance of safety rules may be dangerous. Therefore we should not go beyond the fence and leave children unattended.


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