"BALKAN IMEKS EOOD" — серийное производство, аттракционных, туристических и развлекательных комплексов


"Magnetik-XXL" complex

(Panoramic view tower, free fall and giant chain carousel)


“Magnetik-XXL” is an entertainment complex intended for use as a means of entertainment for adult visitors and children over 14 years of age. It is located in parks and other places of cultural recreation for the population in temperate and cold climates.

A distinctive feature of the attraction complex is the combination of two or three types of attractions with rotation, lifting and free fall. The attraction can be used as a chain carousel, observation tower and free fall.

A plastic lenticular-shaped structure with a diameter of more than 15 meters which is located above the passengers of the main central torus allows them to be comfortable even during snowing and raining.



  • Supply voltage (380±10%)
  • Power consumption is 90 kW
  • Number of seats: free fall – 18, chain carousel – 12 or 24, observation – 30 or 42
  • Free fall length is 30 m
  • Area for placement is no more than 200 sq. m (circle with a diameter of 16 m)
  • Height – 50 m


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