• Batumi - panoramic night rides
  • 3 in 1 - Amusement complex "MAGNETIC XXL"
  • Amusement complex - "Giants Ferris Wheel"
  • Extreme rides - Roller coaster "Hoverla"
  • Batumi - Ferris Wheel with glass cabs of height 60 m
  • Drop Tower rides - based magnets and chain carousel
Product description:

"Ferris Wheel" - a unique place to relax with your family where you are with the children and their parents at any time of year and weather conditions will be able to spend a few hours unforgettable holiday, during which you will be able to comfortable, spacious, glassed-duty glass booths (6x3x3m.) climb a 60-meter height and enjoy the scenery opening.

This unique complex of Ukrainian origin, who is the embodiment of modern approaches to the organization of leisure of the population, will provide a complete rest for even the most demanding visitor.

  • Supply voltage (380±10%)V
  • Cycle time skating 12 min
  • Number of passengers 600
  • Productivity 5000 customer/hour
  • Number of cabins 20 items
  • The area under the placement at least 900-2500m2 (depending on the number of poles: 2, 3, 4)
  • Overall dimensions: m, no more,
  • in terms of length at around 3m -30m
  • height of 60 m



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