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Free fall tower "Stella-Magnetik" 32m

Consists of Permanent Magnet Free Fall Tower and Chain Carousel


The new ride which allows one to experience free fall. It consists of a 32 m high stella on which is strung a torus with seats for passengers. This torus moves up and down along the stella. Passengers seated in anti-overload seats which are located along the perimeter of the torus rise with an acceleration of 1.3 g to a height of 25 m following which the torus freely falls to a height of 15 m. After the braking stage (permanent magnets) with an overload of up to 1, 2 g the torus moving with zero speed to the position of disembarkation and embarkation of passengers.

Advantages: – high throughput; — combination of functions in one attraction; — free falls and chain carousel (more complete coverage of groups of potential visitors); — short payback period and low cost per seat.


  • Supply voltage (380±10%)
  • Power consumption 30 kW
  • Number of seats: free fall – 12, chain carousel – 24
  • Free fall length 15 m
  • Carrier lifting speed, m/s, no more than 0,2
  • Riding cycle – 9 min
  • Instalatiion area – 64 sq. m
  • Overall dimensions, no more than:
  • area of the chain carousel in action is 200 sq. m (circumference 16 m)
  • length 8 m, width 8 m, height 32 m


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