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Ferris Wheel - 30m


30m high Ferris wheel with open cabins. The height of the Ferris wheel allows you to see the local attractions of a big city.

This attraction is one of the most profitable modern attractions.

The site for placing the attraction must be planned and have a hard surface that prevents subsidence under the influence of gravity of the ride;

It must have a layout that ensures the drainage of surface water;

The presence of trees, bushes, and obstacles within the boundaries of the site is not allowed.


  • supply voltage (380±10%)
  • power consumption 14 kW (without illumination)
  • number of seats 80
  • productivity 800 people/hour
  • area for placement, not less than 300 sq. m
  • rotation speed 0,18 rpm
  • overall dimensions, no more than,
  • wheel diameter 24,5 m
  • length 26,5 m
  • width 14,0 m
  • height 30,0 m


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